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Thursday, March 10, 2016

#PledgeForParity: Celebrate Women Every Day

Tuesday was International Women's Day - but for us at Dar Si Hmad, every day is a powerful reminder of the incredible capabilities as well as the tragic struggles faced by women around the world.

We're taking a break from our RISE profile series to showcase our participants' thoughts on gender equality. Join the #PledgeForParity!

"She deserves to be celebrated every day" 

Calling us to acknowledge the power of women and the issue of sexism not only on March 8th but throughout the year is Khadija Idbella. Khadija asserts that "The Moroccan woman is a fighter, dutiful about responsibility, and is the carrier of future generations. She deserves to be celebrated every day."

"There would be no society without women" 
We've met Youness already via his RISE Profile. The twenty-year-old Agadir native wants to "create a center for providing resources and activities for underprivileged communities to promote cultural openness." Tuesday, Youness reflected on the role of women in underprivileged systems - saddened by the reality that women are "still seen as an unimportant part" of society even though "there would be no society" without them.

"unique, wise, and courageous"
And rounding out our three Parity Pledges for today, Safa Naji shares a beautiful tribute to the complexity of Morocco and the incredible power of its women: "Nowadays, being a Moroccan woman means carrying the combination of tradition and modernity inside you and transmitting it to future generations. Moroccan women are unique, wise, and courageous."

We'll be sharing other Pledges for Parity from Morocco's youth over the next few days - stay tuned on social media for the newest from Dar Si Hmad:

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