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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Oasis School, Module 4

Our Oasis school team is still hard at work teaching our beneficiaries innovative  
techniques and practices to better serve the land of Ait Baamrane.

This program reached its fourth Module on Insect Hotels and Bird-Feeder,
which contained a number of interesting activities where the students learned
new skills.

During the first session on Insect Hotels the students went on a journey to the “tiny”
world of invertebrates and other odd creatures. As a result they started to investigate
all their cool features, the role they play in the ecosystem, and to understand where
they live, in order to replicate a micro-climate for the insect hotel. The
beneficiaries also went on an outdoor walk for insect-hunting and built a wooden
insect hotel -- a winter lodging for our Oasis School garden- for crawling and
flying bugs.  The hotel consisted of different suites catered to each little bug’s preferred
lodging taste. Most hotels are constructed with a strong protective frame of wooden
boards or pallets and are filled with a variety of bug-friendly materials like
straw, cork, sticks, or pinecones. Our students contributed to assembling the
hotel boxes and parts, and watched a movie to follow-up; “Guerre et paix
dans le potager - Partie II,” a humorous and original narrative documentary
about the extraordinary adventures of the creatures of the Aublanc-Fiche family garden.

During the Bird-Feeder session, the students made a bird feeder and had the
opportunity to discuss bird habitats and their needs. This session was more
of an observational session. Students learned the importance of feeding birds
especially in the winter as they lack food and intend to migrate.  

The sessions during this module were not only informative but also fun
and interesting. They helped connect our beneficiaries with the nature surrounding
them, learn new things about its components and question their role in the life cycle.

The Oasis School team as well as the beneficiaries are always grateful for this precious learning opportunity funded by the U.S department and AIEF Grant.  

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