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Friday, May 13, 2016

Water RISEs: Pollution Outcry

Today on our World Water Day Reflection Series, we see a series of photography capturing issues of pollution by Mohammed Ouabbou.

Artist Biography

A twenty-one-year-old Agadir native, Mohammed graduated in Science (A-level) from Abdellah Ben Yassine High School and is now pursuing a bachelor’s degree in economics and management at Ibn Zohr University.
Mohammed is currently a participant in Dar Si Hmad’s US-MEPI RISE program. This program has helped him improve his self-confidence, leadership potential, how he works in a team and shares his views with others. Mohammed is also in RISE’s Journalism Club, which is an opportunity for everyone to exhibit their talents. He is also a member in Ibn Zohr’s Be Positive Club, Youth Forum for Democracy and Citizenship, and Student Ambassadors for Peace. Recently Mohammed has started playing Capoeira, and he loves I traveling, playing chess, and drawing.

Artist's Statement

L'homme aujourd'hui est menacé de plusieurs dangers au niveau du globe et la pollution vient en tête de ces danger. Les images ci-dessous capturées à l’embouchure de la rivière Oued Souss représente un exemple parfait de la pollution, il s'agit des surfaces souillés et des taches d'eau contaminées non pas seulement par les eaux usées des usines mais aussi par les eaux usées des maisons qui contiennent parfois des substances toxiques tels l'acide chlorhydrique, l'eau de javel et le détergente. Pis encore les matières et les sac en plastique qui sont jetés dans les toilettes et en plein nature. Or ses produits ne sont pas biodégradables; il ne se dégradent qu'au bout de plusieurs siècles.
Les conséquences de cette forme de pollution sont multiples que désastreuse, à titre d'exemple, les produits chimiques toxiques qui emplissent la rivière ont entraînés la disparition de plusieurs espèces animales comme les oiseaux et les poissons, ces derniers que les pécheurs se plantent de leur mauvaise qualité dans des places de pêche à proximité de l’embouchure.
En dépit, la pollution n'est pas une fatalité, il existe des solutions pour mettre fin a ce fléau, les compagnes, l'école, l'internet, et les différents mass média ont un rôle important dans la sensibilisation auprès des citoyens et des industriels et un autre rôle dans la pression sur les gouvernements pour mettre à jours les lois qui interdisent et empêchent d'avoir des tels comportements qu'on a motionné avant. Enfin, la lutte contre la pollution est impossible si qu'on ait pas de la volonté a y mettre.
Across the world, mankind is threatened by several dangers. Pollution is at the top of this danger. The images below taken at the source of the Oued Souss River show a perfect example of pollution. It exposes dirty surfaces and water spots contaminated not only by sewage water from factories but also sewage water from homes that often contain toxic substances, such as hydrochloric acid, bleach and detergent. In addition to these materials, plastic bags are thrown into toilettes and nature. Since these products are not biodegradable, it will not degrade for another several centuries.
The consequences of this form of pollution are numerous and disastrous. For example, the chemical products that fill the river have led to the disappearance of several animal species like birds and fishes, the former of which fishermen plant themselves in their bad quality in fishing spots close to the source of the river.
Despite this, pollution is not an inevitable destiny. There are solution to end this catastrophe. Companies, schools, the Internet and different mass media outlets play an important role in raising awareness citizens and industries, and another role in pressuring the government to end the laws that prohibit and prevent having such behaviors mentioned above. Lastly, the fight against pollution is impossible if one does not have the will to do so.


To learn more about RISE, please visit http://www.darsihmad.org/rise-thrive/. To hear more from Agadir's youth, check out Dar Si Hmad's Journalism Club, Agadir Rising.

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