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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Water RISEs: A Picture's worth 1000 Drops

This week we are showcasing the work of our RISE participants reflecting on the importance of water around the world. Yesterday we introduced "Water...the Hero!", an original drawing from Abdellah Boutarama. Today we are excited to share the beautiful photography of Zahra Ketoun.

Artist Biography:

My name is Zahra Ketoun, and I am a 21-year-old girl from El Kolea in Agadir. I am pursuing my degree in linguistics at Ibn Zohr University’s Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences. I am a young girl passionate about art in general, specifically photography. I love playing chess from time to time and reading novels, especially those about Moroccan culture and mysteries. I read a lot of Abdellatif Laabi, Ahmed Sefrioui, and Jane Austin. Traveling is also among one of my favorite hobbies, since it helps me discover new horizons and get to know new people. As a young girl, there are many challenges around me, but I don’t hesitate to take on any challenge in my life because I know it will increase my experiences and refresh my ideas and views of the world.

Artist's Statement:

My experience with International Water Day helped me explore my talent in photography and try to capture shots where water is the main issue. The purpose is to remind humanity, starting from my small community, of the importance of water in our life and how it is the thing we should preserve for generations to come. We don’t want living species on earth to suffer one day because of our indifference. Before taking those pictures, I was looking for the right scene to express my intentions and to best suit the idea in my mind. I tried to tackle the present as well as the expectations for the future. The misuse of water taps, the lack of water, and species suffering were the main issue I dealt with in my work. I hope we, the photographers, transmit through our pictures strong messages to humanity about this essential element which is about to disappear. As we always say, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

1: About to Die

2: I'm Thirsty

3: Illusion

4: Save Me

5: Suffering Tap

6: Water Tap

To learn more about RISE, please visit http://www.darsihmad.org/rise-thrive/. To hear more from Agadir's youth, check out Dar Si Hmad's Journalism Club, Agadir Rising.

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