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Friday, January 5, 2018

Oasis School First Module

Oasis School: Soil life Module

The Oasis school is ready to blast off with a new version of the engaging lessons and fun activities we've
used in our previous water school. In the last 4 weeks, beneficiaries of both schools Ihamchouine and
Id achour, were introduced to the first Module “Soil Life.”

The module focused on positive environmental practices. It started with our Oasis school teacher,
Fatiha, teaching the soil types, and what types existed on the land. Afterwards, they moved on to
the soil ingredients, or the "environmental Lasagna." The lasagna is a gardening name which refers
to the method of building the garden soil. The students essentially added layers of organic materials
(remains of tree branches, dead leaves, and cardboard) that will “cook down” over time, resulting in
rich soil that will help the plants to thrive.

At last, they played a scavenger hunt game where they had
to look for a number of insects, organic parts and seeds which compose the soil, in order for them
to understand what the environmental lasagna demonstrates and how it supports the lives of so many
natural living components.

Along with teaching environmental practices, this unit focused as well on the importance of working
and communicating in groups, working together on activities and artistic projects, as well as developing
critical thinking and active listening skills.

Every time the Oasis School team comes to the schools, the beneficiaries show joy and excitement to
learn and practice more. Thanks to the Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund Grant that we won through

Dar Si Hmad is able to introduce these practices to the Ait Baamrane community, who we hope will
take care of and live off the land for generations to come.

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