Dar Si Hmad for Development, Education and Culture is an independent nonprofit organization founded in 2010 promoting local culture and sustainable initiatives through education and the integration of scientific ingenuity in Southwest Morocco. We operate North Africa's largest fog harvesting project, providing villages with access to potable water. Our Water School and Girls' E-Learning Programs build capacity in the Anti-Atlas Mountains. Through our Ethnographic Field School, researchers and students engage with local communities in Agadir, Sidi Ifni, and the rural Aït Baamrane region for meaningful cross-cultural exchange.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

World Maritime Day

Thanks to Environmental Youth Ambassador Rkia Elarif for this guest post about today's international celebration of our oceans!

It’s 29 September and the world is celebrating World Maritime Day. The UN and International Maritime Organisation held this international recognition for the first time in 1978. The theme of this year is Shipping: indispensable to the world.

Many countries around the world are celebrating this remarkable day and the importance of our oceans. Dar Si Hmad has the opportunity to share its voice and its strong contribution in environmental performance. As an NGO working in local communities impacted by global trade and policy, we encourage active work toward the sustainable development goals and efforts to benefit the planet.

During this annual event in order to highlight Dar Si Hmad's work on oceans, I have chosen two programs to highlight. These projects are a gateway to show Dar Si Hmad's great role in sustainable development.

The Water School program provides pupils in the fog project's partner villages located in Ait Baamrane (Southwest Morocco) with the chance to discover and learn about their oceans through workshops, water sports and their first ever journey to the beach.

The EYA program supports a curated community of Environmental Youth Ambassadors who use social media to advocate for and educate about the environment. Recently, the EYAs launched the #Walakin online campaign to raise awareness about environmental issues in the oceans and surrounding ecosystems.

In November, Dar Si Hmad will explore the connection between the oceans and climate change as part of COP22, the international meeting taking place in Marrakech.

Happy World Maritime Day from Morocco! Don’t forget to protect the oceans. They give us many benefits - let’s be sure to keep them healthy!

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