Dar Si Hmad for Development, Education and Culture is an independent nonprofit organization founded in 2010 promoting local culture and sustainable initiatives through education and the integration of scientific ingenuity in Southwest Morocco. We operate North Africa's largest fog harvesting project, providing villages with access to potable water. Our Water School and Girls' E-Learning Programs build capacity in the Anti-Atlas Mountains. Through our Ethnographic Field School, researchers and students engage with local communities in Agadir, Sidi Ifni, and the rural Aït Baamrane region for meaningful cross-cultural exchange.

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Dar Si Hmad May 2021 Highlights

It’s already mid-June, and you are wondering if Dar Si Hmad keeps any highlights from the previous month? Yes, of course it does! 

The following events stood out of our NGO’s usual activities:

  • Le jardin vert’: a gardening program Dar Si Hmad launched at Moulay Driss High School in Sidi Ifni. This initiative aims at educating the high schoolers about the importance of maintaining their school environment through the integration of the students in the gardening activities of the school-yard spaces. The larger goal is ecological education and teaching young pupils to develop their sense of volunteering and civic engagement.

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  • A young ambitious couple, the founders of IZIProtéine startup in Agadir, came to our premises to pitch their project in front of Dar Si Hmad staff. A future collaboration with IZIProtéine is under study. The biofertilizers they produce can be of a great added value to the soil of Agdal Id Aachour pedagogical farm and the farmer-communities that DSH has the pleasure to work with.

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  • 3 sessions from the ECO Mill edition of the RISE program were organized throughout May 2021. PROTOTYPING, TESTING and  PITCHING modules were covered in three consecutive weekends by amazing and generous coaches. The closing ceremony of this program was held on the 12th of June, come see it next month and in the meantime do check our social media pages to see the pictures from the event.

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  • The preparations for this year’s Summer Tech Camp were another highlight of May 2021. This year’s edition was made possible by a supporting grant from the British Council.  And TERN – The Entrepreneurial Refugee Network, based in England is our partner. This program goes under the auspices of the ‘Leadership for Gender Equality’ program of the British Council .

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  • At the end of the month, 6 student-groups from the Business Department of the Ait Melloul Campus, Ibn Zohr University, paid us a visit at Dar Si Hmad’s office as they expressed their interest in discovering our NGO and its project management models when their teacher Dr. Affaf Amrani, a DSH friend and volunteer, spoke about civic engagement. Our staff was pleased to welcome and respond to the questions of the ambitious and budding students.

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