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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

RISE 2017-2018

By Dar Si Hmad Intern Katie Huge

This week, Dar Si Hmad is wrapping up the selection process for what will be our new class of the RISE program. The last interviews are taking place and many acceptance letters have already been sent. This year we read applications from a very competitive pool of over 150 students and we are planning to end up with a class of roughly 30 students. The program will begin with orientation next Tuesday, November 21st, and it will last until Saturday, January 6th when we will have our closing ceremony. We have had great success with this program in the past and we are looking forward to working with our new students.
Marking our fifth year of the program, this RISE class will be led by Soufian Aaraichi, Natalie Sullivan, and Alex Kochenburger, along with the help of EFS Manager Maisie Breit, Office Manager Abbes Benaissa, and intern Katie Huge. Natalie and Alex are both Fulbright English Teaching Assistants (ETAs) while Katie is a Global Gap Year Fellow volunteering from the University of North Carolina.
From left to right: Katie, Natalie, Alex, Maisie, Abbes, Mohammed MISSING: Soufian!

The program will be comprised of five sessions, each focusing on a different aspect of professional development that students can apply to their future careers. Students will be able to write a proper resume and cover letter, practice taking interviews, write business emails, learn about workplace management as well as international business culture and education. Field days will also be integrated into these sessions in order to present to the students and environment in which they can get to know one another, bond, and collaborate.
On top of that, we are excited to announce our newest addition to RISE: our web design component. In collaboration with web design company INO Communication, company owner Mohamed Amribet will be teaching four web design sessions once a week to all students in the program. The students will go over how to use Wordpress as well as perform website maintenance on an existing website.
We are eagerly anticipating the start of the program, bringing our incoming class of students together for the first time, and seeing what each and every one of them offers to the discussion.

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